What Does Your Urine Color Say About Your Health?

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While going to the bathroom is probably just a part of your daily routine, it can tell you a lot about your body. The color of your urine is an important indicator of overall health and can clue you in when something is wrong.

Learn more about why urine color is important in helping keep you healthy and what different urine colors might mean.

Why is Urine Color Important? 

The color of your urine is an important factor in your overall health. Any sudden changes to the color may indicate underlying problems. From dehydration to kidney stones, unexpected and sudden changes to the shade of your urine can be an initial indicator that something in your body is not as it should be.

What Does Your Urine Color Mean?

Depending on your health, hydration, and kidney function, urine colors may range widely. Learn more about what each color may indicate, and when to seek medical attention.


If your urine is clear, it indicates that you’re well hydrated—maybe too well hydrated.

If you drink too much water, it can deplete your body’s electrolytes and cause more harm than good. It may also indicate certain liver problems.

If you notice clear urine but haven’t been consuming a large quantity of fluids, you should seek medical advice. 

Yellow & Amber

As your body breaks down the hemoglobin in your blood, your kidneys filter out the protein byproduct called urochrome. This is what gives your urine its yellow shade.

As you drink more fluids, the urochrome pigment becomes diluted, which is what leads to a range of colors from light yellow to amber.


Orange urine can be caused by Vitamin C-rich foods, like carrots, along with Vitamin A or B-12. It is also a common side effect of certain antibiotics and other medications.

In rare cases, it can be a sign of liver disease. If you notice an orange hue that lingers for longer than a day, you should seek out medical attention.


Brightly colored foods, like beets, can make your urine appear pink. But it can also be a symptom of something more serious, like the presence of blood.

If it is painful to urinate and you notice a pink tint, it could be the early signs of a urinary tract infection or other medical issues. If the problem persists longer than 24 hours, reach out to a medical professional.


Dark red urine likely indicates the presence of blood and is typically also tied to painful urination. Causes for blood in the urine vary but are commonly tied to urinary tract infections or kidney stones. Whether or not you have pain, you should see a doctor if you notice your urine is any shade of red.


Brown urine can be a sign of kidney infection or muscle failure. Urine also turns brown after eating certain legumes or rhubarb, or when taking certain antibiotics. If your urine is unexpectedly brown with no known dietary cause or it lasts for more than a day, you should seek the advice of your doctor. 

Urine Colors & Your Overall Health

Paying close attention to urine color can be a helpful indicator of your overall health. From hydration status to kidney function to liver problems and other health issues, it can help you understand what may be going on with your body.

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