Dangers of Dehydration

Dangers of Dehydration

You can tell when you're thirsty. 

You really feel it when you wake up; your throat is parched, there’s not much saliva in your mouth and you just know you need that big glass of water.  

By the time you feel thirsty, you are probably already dehydrated. And if you don’t get the water you need, your body will start shutting down. You’re more than 60% water, and your mind and body crave water to keep your organs, tissues and skin healthy.

What are the Dangers of Dehydration?

Anyone can get dehydrated, but for kids and the elderly, the results can be catastrophic. Most of us who get dehydrated can recover quickly by drinking water and other liquids that contain electrolytes. But in severe situations, you could end up in the doctor’s office, hooked up to an IV.

How can you tell when you’re getting dehydrated? 

Here are a few indicators:

  1. You haven’t been to the bathroom for a few hours and when you do, your urine is dark yellow. 
  2. You feel like you’re out of breath, even dizzy.
  3. You have a headache or fever.
  4. You’re breathing more heavily and your heart is racing.
  5. You’re irritable or feeling extra drowsy.
  6. If you’re throwing up or have diarrhea, you are getting dehydrated at an accelerated rate.

These are just a few of the more common signs; here are some other things to look out for.

Avoid the Dangers of Dehydration

So, drink up when you feel thirsty.  If you’re exercising or sweating outside, drink more before and after the workout.

Not sure how much fluid you need?  It’s a no brainer with the world’s smartest water bottle. Your body will know what to do next and you’ll be feeling great again before long.

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