Fast Facts about the HidrateSpark App

Fast Facts about the HidrateSpark App

We call HidrateSpark bottles the world’s smartest water bottles, but we got those bragging rights from several reviewers.  So what makes this bottle so effective? 

Technology, Functionality, and Design

The man behind the concept says it best: “HidrateSpark smart water bottles combine the power of technology and innovation with the need for daily hydration to improve overall health and wellness,” said Coleman Iverson, Co-CEO of Hidrate. “With the help of HidrateSpark, we know many chronic health issues can be managed better and we are continuing to work on advancing our technology and product innovation.”

So how does it work? 

Hidrate App Facts

  • The free Hidrate App connects you and your bottle to real-time data. Once you download it and set your profile and goals, the app uses temperature, humidity, your weight, height, and age to calculate the amount of water you need. It’s our unique “Hydration Equation". 
  • You can integrate the app with a variety of fitness trackers such as Fitbit and the Apple Watch to ensure your hydration matches your activity level.
  • A swipe to the left shows your progress and keeps your data from previous days. 
  • A menu bar along the bottom allows you to look up details about your bottle, your profile, and notifications. You can also make changes if you increase your exercise levels or lose weight, for example. 
  •  If you fall behind, the HidrateSpark water bottle glows, reminding you to drink more and meet that goal.
  • Misplace your bottle as you run around? No problem! You can name your bottle and easily find it with the “find my bottle” feature included in the Hidrate App. 
  • Women that are pregnant or nursing need more water. We have specific pregnancy and breastfeeding features in the Hidrate App, so you’re reminded when to drink, to keep on track for proper hydration. 
  • The Hidrate App allows you to participate in challenges with friends, family and co-workers. You can create goals and earn trophies. It’s a fun way to stay motivated and hydrated. 

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You’re not in this alone. The app also allows you to reach out to others, so you can invite your friends, family members and personal trainers to help keep you on track.

And we are with you all the way. Get help by emailing us:

Enjoy your journey to better health with HidrateSpark water bottles, the world's smartest water bottles, where every sip counts!

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