Hidrate Spark 2.0 Royal Blue


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Drink more water with Hidrate Spark.

The only smart water bottle that glows to remind you to drink and tracks your water intake.

Hidrate Spark 2.0


Hidrate Spark 2.0 Purple
  • Glows to remind you to drink

    A glow gives you a visual reminder to drink water to stay on track with your daily goal.

  • Tracks & Syncs with App & other fitness trackers

    Every sip you take is tracked by a sensor in the bottle and recorded to the app when you sync. iOS and most Android Phones

  • BPA Free & Dishwasher Safe

    The 24 oz bottle is BPA Free and the lid and bottle are dishwasher safe. The sensor can be hand washed. 

  • No Fuss with Cables

    Long lasting, replaceable batteries so you never need to charge it or worry about water damage with open ports. To learn more read our FAQ

  • Integrates with fitness trackers

    Fitbit, Apple Watch & Health, Under Armour Record, Nokia Health Mate, and Google Fit. A customized goal is created specifically to you. 

  • Tracks your water intake via Bluetooth

    The bottle records how much you drink and syncs via bluetooth low energy to the Free Hidrate Spark app which is available for iOS and Android.  

  • App reminders keep you hydrated while you're busy.

    Notifications give you new and funny reminders when you’re away from your bottle.

  • Keep an eye on friends

    Challenge your pals to some friendly competition by tracking their progress.

Mix & Match

Customize your bottle to match your style.

1,000+ Reviews

Hidrate IRL


My wife and I love our bottles, all five of them. She started with pink and has got three other colors and I got the special Royal Blue bottle and love the color, just recently got a black one also. We love the way they track our water intake and give us little reminder notifications.


LOVE IT! I drink so much more water than I did before!!


In love!
The Hidrate Spark definitely makes me drink more water! I noticed I barely drink water on the days I don't have my bottle and when I do I always meet my goal!!


Fun way to stay hydrated!
The light-up feature and phone notifications are incredibly helpful to remind me to drink up! Sleek design and easy to clean as well.


Best water bottle ever!
I love this water bottle because it helps me remember to drink even more water than I was already drinking before I bought it. It is so easy to use! - Gail

Hitting my goal daily! Love this bottle! Hitting my water goal daily! Thx Hidrate Spark!!

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