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3 out of 4 Americans are chronically dehydrated

Avoid dehydration with HidrateSpark. Our smart water bottle and app work hand-in-hand to help you stay hydrated and live a healthier life. You’ll experience continuous hydration monitoring, personal guidance and coaching to help you meet your goals by creating lasting hydration habits.

Are you drinking enough water?

Hydration is critical for your health & directly impacts

We couldn't find a bottle that prevented dehydration, so we created one

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How it works

The HidrateSpark ecosystem makes it easy to track your liquid intake and accurately determine your hydration goal for the day. All you need to do is drink when you see the glow or app notification and we’ll do the rest.

Behavior change psychology

HidrateSpark’s gamification and challenge feature uses proven behavorial science to help you drink more water.

10 years of innovation

Meet the HidrateSpark PRO

The world's most advanced water bottle

SipSense technology tracks each sip you drink

A removable bluetooth enabled sensor that twists into the base of the bottle powered by SipSense technology accurately weighs the bottle and syncs via bluetooth to the app to record how much you've drunk.

Vacuum insulated stainless steel

Keeps drinks cold for 24 hours. Tumblers with the press-in lid can also keep beverages hot for 4 hours.

Rechargeable battery, 10-14 day battery life

Magnetic charging cable with a USB-A end charges a sensor in just a few hours.

Glows to remind you to drink

Customize your glow color, frequency, and intensity all from the app.

Integrates with fitness trackers and health apps

Apple Health, Fitbit, Google Fit, Withings Health Mate.

Syncs via Bluetooth

The app will automatically sync with the sensor when it's within range to record your progress.

BPA Free

We pride ourselves on creating bottles that are completely BPA free.

Powered by SipSense technology

Accurately track water intake to the mL/oz. Clinically proven to be 97% accurate compared to manual recordings.

10 years of innovation is packed into a small sensor puck that twists into the base of your bottle and weighs the bottle and it's contents to track every sip that you take.

Personalize your glow

Choose from our 8+ preset colors to match your style. We also rotate limited-time glows in the collection throughout the year.

Customize your glow reminder schedule, intensity, and frequency within the app.

Glows catch your eye throughout the day to remind you to take a sip.

Make your own glows

Create your own two-color glows with a PREMIUM subscription which gives you access to the Glow Studio feature.

Meet the HidrateSpark App

The fun & easy way to drink more water and track how much you drink

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Take the guesswork out of how much you should drink

We calculate a personalized goal for you each day for optimal hydration.

There is no one size fits all because everyone is different. That’s why your unique information like height, weight, activity level, and more, are all taken into account within our hydration equation.

This goal will change from day to day based on the weather, elevation, and activity levels if you enable location services or sync to fitness tracking apps.

You can also set a manual goal that will not change if you want.

Stay on track with simple drink logging

Easily track your drinks throughout the day. When you are connected to your bottle and it’s in bluetooth range, your sips will automatically sync to the app.

You can also manually add drinks in the app if you drink from outside the bottle.

Easily track 40+ drink types

If you drink from outside your bottle and still want to track we’ve got you covered.

You can manually track over 40+ drink types.

Different drink types do not hydrate you the same, so there are hydration factors associated with each beverage that will get taken into account for your Daily Hydration Goal.

Tailored hydration reminders

Fun and encouraging notifications sent to your phone help remind you to take a sip so you can meet your goals.

You can customize the type and frequency of these reminders.

Integrate with top health apps

Apple Health


Google Fit

Withings Health Mate

Earn your hydration score

With a PREMIUM subscription, your hydration score is based on how well you hydrate throughout the day and how consistently you meet your hourly goals with hydrating drinks.

HidrateSpark helps you learn to drink consistently rather than just chugging all your water at one time.

View your history over time

Keep track of your hydration efforts with the app’s analytics feature. See your hydration goals and how you have performed over time.

Challenge friends

Participate in challenges, or compete with friends and see who’s staying hydrated.

There’s nothing like some friendly competition to hold your friends and family accountable.

Get into the 100% club if you meet your goal consistently. It’s not about drinking more than someone, it’s about meeting your own personal goal consistently.

30+ colorful wallpapers to chose from

With a PREMIUM subscription, you can choose from 30+ colorful wallpapers to give your app a unique feel to match your style.