August is Family Fun Month!

August is Family Fun Month!

Can you believe that we’re in the final stretch of summer? Before we all jump full scale into hectic fall schedules, there’s still plenty of time to get some quality family fun. Did you know that August is designated as Family Fun Month? The perfect time to squeeze in some last minute summer activities.

Here are some ideas to make the most of Family Fun Month. 

The first Saturday of the month is “National Disc Golf Day.” It’s a game for anyone of any age or skill set. Easy to learn, it’s also very affordable.  Just grab your Frisbee and look for a local public disc golf park. August 1 is also “Respect for Parents Day”, so kids, treat your mom and dad to lunch, after the round! 

Monday, August 8 gives you a chance to have the the perfect staycation, which doesn’t have to cost a thing: Global Sleep Under the Stars Night. Put a sleeping bag on the balcony, a hammock in the trees, a blanket on the sand, or pitch a tent in the yard.  Then, look northeast and see the wonder of the Perseid meteor showers.  

Sunday, August 14, is “National Creamsicle Day.”  Pick up your favorite flavor and indulge. This day kicks off several ice cream celebrations this month. So if your family just can’t get enough, August is your dream month for sweet treats. Add a scoop of soft ice cream to peach pie on its special day (August 24) and indulge in a classic on “National Banana Split Day.”

Get great exercise and enjoy beautiful views on National Park Service Founders Day. Celebrated on Thursday, August 25, it commemorates the 1916 creation of the park service, which protects 84 million acres of natural beauty. With 400 sites from coast to coast, there’s something for everyone of all ages and fitness levels. What could be more patriotic than paying tribute to our majestic landscapes?

Soak up the sun while celebrating National Beach Day on Tuesday, August 30. Enjoy the water safely, stay away from the water if danger flags are up, and remember the sunscreen.

Wherever you go, don’t forget your water bottle. Hot temperatures and exercise will dehydrate you, so keep track of the water you need, so you don’t get dehydrated, suffer heat stroke or heat exhaustion. HidrateSpark Smart Water Bottles make the perfect companion for any family event. State-of-the-art-technology will make sure that your family remembers to drink plenty of fluids.

Whatever you do, enjoy your family time and stay safe!

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