Back-to-School Hydration: Add a HidrateSpark Water Bottle to Your Kids' Supply List

Back-to-School Hydration: Add a HidrateSpark Water Bottle to Your Kids' Supply List

Every summer seems to fly by with vacations and activities.  Before we know it, it’s time to prep for back to school. As a parent, you know what your kids are focused on when back to school shopping. They’re looking for the latest styles in everything from their shoes to their water bottles. It’s important to them that they make a great first impression on their friends. When it comes to their water bottles, the new lineup of HidreateSpark smart water bottles have you covered. This year’s lineup will have your kids looking “cool” while keeping them hydrated.

Here are a few more tips on how to keep your children hydrated.

  1. Remind them to drink water after any physical activity.
  2. Tell your kids not to wait until they're thirsty.
  3. Add water-based foods to their lunch like fruits and vegetables.
  4. Avoid sodas and other sugary drinks during school hours.\

Having a "cool" water bottle will make your kids more likely drink their water. HidrateSpark water bottles fit the bill. Our water bottles come in two sizes with the smaller being 17 ounces, which is the perfect size for kids and their backpacks. They are stainless steel and vacuum insulated so water will stay cold for your kids all day; in fact, it will remain cold for up to 24 hours. Plus, spills happen, the HidrateSpark smart water bottles come with a locking lid to help prevent those spills and protect from germs. 

HidrateSpark Smart Water Bottle Glows

The feature that will grab your kid's attention is the cool "smart" sensor LED puck that glows in a variety of colors. Download the HidrateSpark app, and your kids can pick the color they want it to flash when it's time to take a drink. When you're picking up your school supplies, make sure to add the "dopest" water bottle to their backpack. Learn more about the HidrateSpark smart, bluetooth water bottles.

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