New Limited Edition Colors Have Arrived For Summer!

New Limited Edition Colors Have Arrived For Summer!

The heat of the summer is in full swing so there's never been a more critical time to stay on top of your hydration. The HidrateSpark STEEL smart water bottle is now available in new limited edition colors that are perfect for your summer hydration fix. 

Two New Limited Edition Colors

Rainbow Tie-Dye

This new color is inspired by trends seen on social media and the runway. When you create tie-dye, water controls the colors to make designs. So, it only fits that we include it in our water bottle designs. So, make a statement this summer when you're out and about with this exciting new color.

Lime Sherbet

Lime is one of the colors of summer. It reminds everyone of the delicious, sweet, tangy summer favorite treat. The glowy light green will pop in all lighting - no matter where your adventure takes you this summer. 

Mix and Match HidrateSpark Water Bottles

If you already have the world's smartest water bottle, you're in luck. These new colors are available in interchangeable bodies, so you can mix and match them with your current HidrateSpark bottle lid and sensor puck.

Stay cool and hydrated this summer with a new limited edition color water bottle or just change up your current one with summer flare. The new vibrant colors from HidrateSpark will bring a little more style and excitement to your water bottle game. Order your new HidrateSpark smart water bottle or bottle body today! Ships early August.

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