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What Is a Dehydration Headache, and How Can You Prevent It?

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Headaches are a common ailment that plague people of all ages. While there are many different types of headaches that have a plethora of causes, one type of headache is typically preventable: dehydration headaches. 

What is a Dehydration Headache?

Headaches can have many causes. A dehydration headache, however, happens when your body doesn’t receive an adequate amount of fluids. In addition to a headache, you might also experience a range of other symptoms like thirst, dry mouth or fatigue.

What Causes a Dehydration Headache?

Our bodies are made of roughly 60% water. As such, it’s vital to drink fluids throughout the day to replenish the water your body needs to function properly. Dehydration headaches occur when your body loses fluids through sweat or urine, and you do not replace them. 

When you become dehydrated, your organs—including your brain—begin to contract. As your brain pulls away from your skull, it causes internal pressure that eventually leads to a headache. These symptoms, however, should subside fairly quickly once your body is rehydrated.

How Can You Prevent Dehydration Headaches?

If you frequently suffer from dehydration headaches, try taking these steps to help ensure you avoid them in the future.

1. Eat High-Water Content Foods

Though drinking water is the best way to hydrate, you can also get fluids through your food. Vegetables like cucumbers and celery and fruits like watermelon and pineapple are made up mostly of water, too. Incorporating these water-rich foods into your meals along with your daily fluids can help you stay more easily hydrated. 

2. Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

Caffeine and alcohol are both natural diuretics, which have dehydrating effects on the body. Drinking multiple coffees or alcoholic beverages in one day increases your risk of dehydration, which can ultimately lead to a headache. If drinking coffee or alcohol, be sure to increase your water intake to offset the dehydrating effects.

3. Replace Plenty of Fluids

Whether or not you’ve experienced a dehydration headache in the past, you should always drink enough water throughout the day. According to the Mayo Clinic, men should aim to drink about 15.5 cups of water per day, while women should strive for about 11.5 cups. This amount will help you easily replenish any fluids lost throughout the day and prevent thirst, keep your joints lubricated, and help your body process waste. 

Of course, one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to hydration. Both your lifestyle and biological features determine how much water you should drink each day to stay healthy and comfortable. With HidrateSpark, you can expertly tailor your water intake to your personal needs based on our revolutionary Hydration Equation.

4. Avoid Extreme Heat

High temperatures lead to more sweating, which can exacerbate dehydration. If you can’t avoid being out in extreme heat, be sure to wear cool clothing and light colors, and try to stay in the shade when possible. You should also drink extra fluids to replenish those you’ve lost to help prevent any unwanted side effects.

A person avoiding a dehydration headache while working.

How Can You Ensure You Drink Enough Water?

If you typically struggle to drink enough water, a HidrateSpark bottle is the perfect addition to your hydration routine. These innovative health tools connect to our HidrateSpark App, allowing you to easily track your daily water intake with reliable and specific metrics tailored directly to you. The bottles also light up whenever it’s time for a drink, offering built-in reminders throughout the day. You can even use your bottle for hot and cold beverages or infused water to offer added variety, making it a breeze to hit your goals.

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