Water & Your Brain

Water & Your Brain

Do you find it difficult to focus on your work or even have issues remembering things? If the answer to the question is yes, you may be dehydrated. Water, which makes up a vast majority of our body, is something that we tend to neglect leading to a lot of health problems. A lot of people suffer from chronic dehydration which not only affects health but also their brain functioning.


The Effects Dehydration On Your Brain


Dehydration and mood swings may be related, according to some studies. Researchers from the University of Connecticut discovered in recent history that healthy young women who were dehydrated had detectable increases in mood swings. 

Cognitive Abilities

Dehydration has an impact on a person's cognitive abilities as well. Researchers have discovered that tasks requiring attention and motor coordination, such as reading a map, proofreading, grammatical reasoning, and math, were impaired by merely a 2 percent loss of fluid. 

Has an impact on memory 

It is commonly known that dehydration harms your memory. The cause is that dehydration alters your body's sodium and electrolyte levels, which impacts your memory. When you are performing tasks requiring attention, executive function, and motor coordination, dehydration makes it harder to focus. 

Adequate hydration is one of the most important things you can give your brain. Your brain is primarily composed of water, which is why dehydration has a detrimental effect. 

How can proper hydration benefit the way your brain works? 

Cognitive Function

Your cognitive function is enhanced when you are hydrated. Your body enables your brain to operate at its best when you are hydrated and in good condition. Additionally, being hydrated makes it easier for your nervous system to connect with your body. Drinking more water clears your head, makes you more awake, and helps with memory, focus, and attention. 



You can beat sadness, fatigue, and lack of energy by staying hydrated. Your attitude and emotional health might be negatively impacted by mild dehydration. By being hydrated, you can maintain your energy levels while remaining peaceful, upbeat, and content.

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Stay hydrated, and take care of your brain!

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