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Can Proper Hydration Give You Younger Skin?

A woman hydrating for younger skin.

Finding a way to look effortlessly youthful is a priority for many of us. But instead of spending a fortune on face creams, serums, and cosmetic procedures, there’s a simple solution that can help deliver younger skin: drinking more water. That’s right. Staying hydrated and filling your body with the fluids it needs can help you kick wrinkles to the curb and keep your skin glowing—no matter your age.

Does Dehydration Cause Wrinkles?

When skin is perpetually dehydrated, it often sags and becomes dry and flaky. This dryness can contribute to signs of age and can often make our skin appear older than it really is. Though water cannot prevent wrinkles altogether, staying hydrated can help you minimize the effects of aging on your skin. 

4 Ways Drinking Water Supports Your Skin

Drinking water is vital to your holistic health—and to healthy-looking skin. Drinking enough fluids every day will help in four main ways.

1. Prevents Wrinkles

Wrinkles and fine lines emerge as we begin to lose the elasticity in our skin. Skin gets its elasticity from collagen—and water is a vital element to collagen’s production. Improved collagen and elasticity can help prevent sagging skin, which can lead to fewer fine lines and wrinkles over time. 

2. Prevents Blemishes

Acne and pimples can cause uneven skin, redness and, often times, scarring. Luckily, staying hydrated can help you minimize the appearance of these unwanted blemishes. Toxins on the surface of your skin can lead to acne, but drinking water can help flush these toxins away and balance the oil on the surface of your skin. As a result, drinking water can prevent your pores from getting clogged, keeping your skin clearer. 

3. Flushes Out Toxins

Drinking water doesn’t only prevent toxins from clogging your pores. It also helps you flush out toxins throughout your entire body, improving the look of your skin from the inside out. Drinking plenty of water daily will ensure your body has the proper fluids to function. When paired with a healthy, whole-food diet, it can help you achieve a more even skin tone, less dryness, and a healthy glow.

4. Minimizes Puffiness

Puffiness is your body’s coping mechanism for dehydration. Your face retains water when your body does not have enough of it. To eliminate puffiness, it is essential to properly hydrate yourself according to your specific needs every day. If it’s hot outside, you’ve had any alcohol or caffeine or you’re exercising, be sure to add even more water to your regimen. Doing so will help minimize any swelling and puffiness and slim your face down to its natural shape.

A woman hydrating to have younger skin.  

How Much Water Should You Drink Per Day?

The amount of water you should drink per day depends on several factors, including your size, gender, level of activity, and more. At HidrateSpark, we’ve developed a Hydration Equation to calculate your water intake based on your personal experience–weather, elevation, activity–and biology–pregnancy, sex, height, weight.

To properly hit your hydration goals every day, try HidrateSpark. As your hydration companion, HidrateSpark fits seamlessly into your lifestyle by lighting up throughout the day to remind you when it’s time to drink. You can also carefully track your intake in our  HidrateSpark App. Whether you prefer tumblers or our HidrateSpark PRO, incorporating HidrateSpark into your daily routine improves your hydration and reduces single-use plastic.

Learn more about HidrateSpark's ecosystem of hydration today.

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