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Too many awesome bottles and colors to choose from? We totally get it. Snag one of our E-Gift Cards and take the worry out of choosing.

  • Instantly redeemable on our website
  • Super-easy to send as a gift
  • Available in $25, $50, $75, $100, and $125

How It Works

  1. Purchase an E-Gift Card
  2. Instructions are sent directly to your email address immediately following your purchase
  3. Email contains a code that you apply at the end of the checkout process.

Send As Gift

There are two options to send our E-Gift Card as a gift:

  1. Print out the email (old school, great for letters and greeting cards)
  2. Forward the email we send you to the person’s email address
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kia K.
My Body Thanks Hidrate

Before I had my Hidrate bottle I would carry around a large jug of water that had my whole day's allotment of water in it. It wasn't convenient. And I'd still forget to reach my goal on most days. The alternative to that was leaving it to memory which turned into not drinking much water at all. Hidrate has solved all that. I love the gamified app and its various reminders. Even my assistant yesterday pointed to my blinking water and said, \Drink.\" Which I dutifully did! I feel better now that I have been using Hidrate for over five months. It is never far from my side. Oh

I appreciate its sturdiness and I love the flip-top!'

Jackie L.
Hidratespark Bottle Lover

I'm so hooked on these bottles that I have to date purchased 8 spark 2 bottles and 1 spark 3. I have friends that seem mine and got 1 for themselves. We follow each other to see who drinks the most. Just love mine it goes everywhere with me. Best thing ever for water intake support. thank you so much for this!!

Best Customer Service and Product!

I recently lost my battery pack holder and contacted customer service. I didn't see a replacement part on the website so I was worried my bottle would never light up/sync again. Thankfully they were able to send me a link to purchase a new one within minutes.

My subtle accountability partner

I love the bottle because it's all I need. I don't need to buy anymore water bottles (I have a water bottle fetish) an can finally sell all of them. I've experienced the bottle on great days when I'm in the gym which made it easy to drink more and days I was sick an also weekends when I tend to slack. I've noticed my problem days an can now be more proactive about drinking earlier to get it in before night. \nGreat purchase, definitely suggesting to family and friends

Jennifer M.
The gift card I got

The gift card I got was quickly emailed and easy to use.