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A person brewing coffee to answer the question: Is coffee hydrating?

Is Coffee Hydrating? How Coffee Can Actually Help with Hydration

It's National Coffee Day so let's talk about it. Every coffee drinker in the world has heard it—coffee dehydrates you. Most of us have taken this statement at face value, never really questioning ...

DehydrationFemale waking up from a good nights rest

What is the Connection Between Dehydration and Sleep?

Dehydration can severely impact sleep quality, leading to difficulties falling asleep and staying asleep. Learn how dehydration and sleep are connected.

DehydrationA smart water bottle that has improved urine color and health.

What Does Your Urine Color Say About Your Health?

The color of your urine is an important indicator of overall health and can clue you in when something is wrong. Learn more about what the different shades might mean.

DehydrationA hydration hair treatment in the form of water.

Why Water is the Best Hydration Hair Treatment

Water welcomes a wealth of health benefits. But did you know a natural hydration hair treatment from the inside out was one of them?

A woman in need of a natural hangover cure.

Is Water a Natural Hangover Cure?

After one too many drinks, it’s more than likely that you’re suffering from a hangover—but luckily, this natural hangover cure can help improve your symptoms.

A woman using a fan wondering how to stay hydrated in hot weather.

6 Tips on How to Stay Hydrated in Hot Weather

Summer is an exciting time filled with warm weather, beach visits, and basking in the sunshine. But with the rising temperatures comes an unexpected risk: dehydration. While spending time outdoors ...