The Next Wave of Hydration: Coming Summer 2020

The Next Wave of Hydration: Coming Summer 2020

We are so lucky to have such a strong and supportive community with us on a new wave to revolutionize how people hydrate. It's why our upcoming launch is so freaking exciting! While we can't share too much right now, you can follow HidrateSpark on Facebook. We'll reveal more clues about our launch, and encourage you to share a wild guess in the comments. 

Here's a little hint since we apparently can't contain our enthusiasm. We're bringing you something iconic. It's classic, and we couldn't let you miss the chance to get your hands on it first. Follow HidrateSpark on Facebook for the latest and new ways to connect with the HidrateSpark community. Bottoms up!

Get Glowing with Friends

Mistakes are a given, but that's what friends are for, and you can't do it without them. We encourage you to invite your friends and help push each other to be better, no matter the ups and downs. 

When you're busy living, it's hard to keep your health top of mind. Receive free alerts from us!

Text "YES" to 832-990-1307 to sign up. As part of your HidrateSpark purchase, we offer text notifications. We send helpful reminders to keep you motivated, plus more information when products are available. Sign up for free by texting "YES" to 832-990-1307. Standard message and data rates apply, and we promise to guard your personal information.

Keep looking for updates on The Next Wave of Hydration!

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