Tapping into Wellness

Tapping into Wellness

When there’s a day for every type of food and drink you can think of, it’s only natural that there’s a National Hydration Day on June 23. Hydration Day is a day that’s near and dear to our hearts at HidrateSpark.

Spreading Love and Water

We like to encourage and support healthy living throughout the world. That’s why we’ve teamed up with corporations for a hydration challenge to support water.org. When corporations meet their goals, we provide safe water to countries throughout the world. So, when a company that’s entered our challenge meets its goals for ten days, a country gets five years of safe water.  Imagine the impact that can have on thousands of people.

Support the Cause

Our challenge makes a small ripple in need for safe water in countries throughout the world. We encourage you to help as well; it could save lives. Water.org helps break down the financial barriers to provide safe water for drinking and sanitation. Go to water.org today and learn how you can support this cause.

Join in on National Hydration Day and help promote healthy hydration. The world’s smartest water bottle can help you stay on top of your hydration goals. Support water.org and help save thousands of lives by donating to a cause that helps provide safe water for drinking and sanitation. Something that everyone should be able to access no matter where they live.

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