Meet HidrateSpark Superuser and BHT Katie Welsh

Meet HidrateSpark Superuser and BHT Katie Welsh

It’s only natural to push harder to accomplish something when you have support, take it from HidrateSpark Superuser and Behavioral Health Technician Katie Welsh. We hope you are inspired by her hydration story where she goes from drinking only Coke to a HidrateSpark Superuser. 

“I work in healthcare. I work 12-hour shifts. To say I get busy is an understatement. I don’t always have time to hydrate. My doctor told me based on my lab work; I needed to be drinking more water. I didn’t yet admit to anyone that I drank 0 oz of water a day. All I drank was Coke. I was at my unhealthiest. After my doctor’s advice, I knew something had to change. I knew hydration had to become a priority for me, and I knew that to make this change, I needed some kind of help. I had tried other hydration apps, but none had worked. I was skeptical and hesitant about the HidrateSpark 3 but decided I’d give the app a try. I figured it couldn’t hurt since the app is free. When I saw how well the app worked for me, I decided to buy a bottle and give that a try. 

As I began my water journey, I noticed that I just felt better overall. My health improved. 

The app has so many features I love. The trophies. The ability to add water manually or use the Hidrate water bottle. The app can set a goal for me or pick my own goal –the streak for hitting my water goal, being able to see your week or the entire month, being able to look back at previous months. Percentage of goal met as well as how many bottles you have left to go. Compete with friends on the app. Challenges. Is there a feature I don’t love?

As for the bottle, I much prefer the PRO to the HidrateSpark 3. It keeps my water cold. The lights. The colors. The ability to choose what color it lights up or have the whole rainbow. The glow studio where I can pick my colors myself. The straw lid as well as the chug lid. Different size options. The bottle fits in my cup holder in my car, and there’s no condensation on the bottle. The light show makes my day, every day. On extra busy days, the bottle tracks my water intake for me. It reminds me to take a water break.

Hidrate are my biggest fans. My cheerleaders. If I’m having a hard day drinking water, I know I can message HidrateSpark on Instagram and get some extra motivation. The day I was going to hit 666 as my water streak, I almost broke my streak. My cheerleaders were there with me, encouraging me to focus on 667, not 666.

I have chronic migraines. I noticed that drinking water/hydrating seemed to help some of my pain. Not a cure for my migraines, but staying hydrated keeps me from getting a dehydration headache on top of my migraine.

When my doctor looked at my labs and said, I can tell you’re drinking more water. Good job! Keep up the good work. That felt amazing

Now when I drink a coke, I HAVE to have water with it. I have no idea how I drank no water before. I feel awful physically and super thirsty when I drink Coke. 

My current streak for meeting my water goal is 805.”

If you’re looking for motivation to live a healthier life, take it from Katie, HidrateSpark will have your back. Check out the latest lineup of HidrateSpark smart water bottles and start your journey to becoming a superuser. 

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