Football Kickoff 2021: At-Home Tailgate Recipes

Football Kickoff 2021: At-Home Tailgate Recipes

It’s time to celebrate fall and the start of the football season! Many are excited to get back in the stadium this year. While tailgating at the stadium can be a blast, not everyone plans to head out for the big game but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of your favorite tailgating staples. Check out a few tailgate recipes that will spice up your game day spread. 

food 3 cheese artichoke calzone dinner

Three Cheese and Artichoke Calzones 

Calzones are the perfect game day meal. Make them large or hand-sized. Enjoy the gooey combination of Fontina, Pecorino Romano, and ricotta cheeses that surround artichoke hearts and sundried tomatoes in this recipe from Food Network

food charred corn guacamole corn chips recipe healthy

Charred Corn Guacamole with Corn Chips

Who doesn’t love a good guac to go along with a game and a frosty cold beverage? This combo of grilled and charred corn, avocados, cilantro will have you exercising your dipping skills all game long. Learn how to make it

food breakfast garbage bread eggs cheese bacon sausage recipe

Breakfast Garbage Bread

Kick your calorie cheat day off with this creative take on a breakfast sandwich slash burrito. The combination of bacon, sausage, eggs, cheese, wrapped in pizza dough exemplifies tailgate cuisine. Get the recipe for this kick-off meal

food chorizo stuffed mushrooms

Chorizo Stuffed Mushrooms

We’ve all heard of stuffed mushrooms, they are the perfect finger food to snack on throughout the day. Spice up this classic with Spanish chorizo and Manchego Cheese with this recipe at your tailgate homestyle

These recipes will help you carry on the tailgate tradition at home. You can find these and more great recipes here. Remember, as you’re enjoying your favorite team this year, it’s still important to stay hydrated – especially if you’re enjoying a few brews with your spread. If you need a reminder, HidrateSpark smart water bottles and the HidrateSpark App let you know when it’s time to take a time out from the beer and take a drink of water.

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