How Drinking Only Water Changed My Life: Meet Matt Weed

How Drinking Only Water Changed My Life: Meet Matt Weed

It's not just about the bottle. It's about the motivation and friendship that the HidrateSpark community provides. — Matt Weed

I am not really sure what caused my anxiety, but many life triggers would set it off, including poor health. My hydration habits were not good — I probably couldn't even have told you what water was. I did know that all the pop I was drinking was super unhealthy. So in 2019 I made a New Year's resolution to drink only water as my first step toward taking control of my health.

I started drinking water as my only liquid intake at the beginning of 2019. I saw this smart water bottle — the HidrateSpark 3 — for intake tracking at B8ta, a retail store designed for trying and buying new tech products, and I was hooked.

I initially thought that having HidrateSpark push me to drink more water daily would help me maintain good mental health, but it's also pushed me to be more physically healthy. It's also helped me learn to set goals for myself. Entering the activity level in the HidrateSpark algorithm to figure out my daily hydration goal reminds me to be more active. On days when I'm not active my hydration goal is low. That low number pushes me to go out and do some physical activity to get my hydration goal back up.

My current settings reflect my high activity level. I've chosen the rainbow glow and receive 10 reminders per day.

I've been so happy with the outcomes I've experienced from using my HidrateSpark that I purchased one for my mother, who has struggled with remembering to drink water. She loved it and now she has two! She takes one to work and uses the other at home. HidrateSpark was the perfect bottle to get her drinking healthy amounts of water based on her own body's needs.

Everyone notices my water bottle. I take it everywhere and people always ask why, especially when it glows. I tell them that my favorite part of the HidrateSpark bottle is the technology it incorporates. Without the app, the hard shell, the handy charger and the lights it would be just another water bottle. Some of my friends have purchased the bottle because of my enthusiasm! It's made them want to change their hydration habits as well.

My HidrateSpark has motivated me to keep up with my hydration goals for nearly a year. A big part of that motivation is the HidrateSpark community. We cheer each other on in the Facebook group and give each other advice on how to be as healthy as we can with our hydration goals. We consistently push each other. We do our own mini-challenges. Most importantly, we check in weekly to motivate ourselves to keep hitting our goals.

We can also add friends on the app, so we can see each other's progress. I made a good friend from the HidrateSpark community page and we race each other to finish for the day. We always send a funny message like "Hey, I beat you, slacker!" to help us want to finish our goals. 

HidrateSpark is truly one of a kind — and it has truly changed my life.


Matt Weed was suffering. He lived with severe anxiety and a panic disorder. He drank nearly two liters of Sprite, a sugary soda, every day, yet he was perpetually tired. Then he made a New Year's resolution to take back control of his health: He would drink water, and only water, from there on out.


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