Does Milk Hydrate You?

Does Milk Hydrate You?

Milk: A Surprise Source for Hydration

Milk. It does a body good but does it hydrate you? For most of our lives, we’ve heard that water is the best way to hydrate. In fact, as adults, men should drink 3.7 liters, and women should drink 2.7 liters of water a day to stay properly hydrated. But, surprisingly, according to a study reported by the New York Times, water may not be the only optimal source for hydration. 

Milk is More Hydrating than You Think

We’re all familiar with how milk is loaded with calcium and vitamin D and great for your health. But did you know that milk has plenty of proteins that help keep you hydrated throughout the day? Milk is loaded with nutrients and electrolytes, along with sodium and potassium. With these nutrients, your stomach empties slower when drinking milk, which helps your kidneys process better. 

Working Out? Recover with Milk

After a challenging workout, you most likely reach for a sports drink. Milk is an excellent alternative to those drinks as it has all of the electrolytes you get from those sports drinks. Milk’s potassium and sodium are great for rehydration and muscle recovery. If you lift weights, practice resistance training, or run, your body will recover even better with a glass of milk

Whether you work out regularly or not, the next time you’re reaching for something to rehydrate and recover, think about a glass or bottle of ice-cold milk. You’ll get the hydration and the nutrients you need to live a healthy life.

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