Can You Overhydrate?

Can You Overhydrate?

We all know that hydration is essential for living a healthy lifestyle. There are recommended amounts of water we should drink based on our activity, size, and other personal health factors, but did you know that there is such a thing as overhydration? If you drink too much water, it can actually be harmful to your body and cause water intoxication. 

What is Overhydration? 

Overhydration is when you drink too much water and your kidneys can’t process it fast enough.  This causes the number of electrolytes and salts in your body to become diluted beyond healthy levels leading to water intoxication. Overhydration is rare, but those involved in intense workouts, or training, or running marathons need to watch out for the signs of overhydration.  

Signs of Overhydration 

Symptoms of overhydration include nausea and vomiting, headaches, confusion, or disorientation. If your overhydration is severe, you might experience more extreme symptoms like muscle weakness and cramping, seizures, unconsciousness, and you could even go into a coma. 

Avoiding Overhydration 

It’s essential to drink the right amount of water. If you’re an endurance athlete, weigh yourself before and after your workout or race. If you’ve lost weight, you should replenish safely by drinking between 16 and 20 ounces for every pound you lost, but over the course of a few hours depending on how many pounds you have lost. It’s also recommended that you drink between two and four cups of fluid every hour you work out. You can mix in healthy sports drinks or an electrolyte water supplement like HidrateSpark’s Wave if you’re working out for longer than an hour. 

Monitor Your Hydration with the World’s Smartest Water Bottle

When you pair your HidrateSpark smart water bottle with the HidrateSpark App, you can monitor the volume of fluids you’re drinking so that you don’t have to worry about overhydrating. HydrateSpark’s Hydration Equation provides a personalized hydration goal that is calculated daily and adjusts throughout the day based on your body and activity level. The app also calculates your environment, altitude, along with your age, weight, height and other factors in order to determine your optimal hydration level. Proper hydration is essential, and your HidrateSpark smart water bottle can help you to be careful not to over hydrate.

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