Drink for you

We keep track of your hydration so you can focus on what's important.

Drink for Adventure

We keep track of your hydration so you can focus on what's important.

Drink for energy

Even super moms need to stay hydrated.

Drink for strength

We keep track of your hydration so you can workout at your best.

Drink for Knowledge

Don't let dehydration impact your grades

The Hidrate Spark 3's bright glows and push notifications will train you to sip more often, inching you closer to your goals - hydration and beyond. 

šŸ’§ 29.7 MILLION Plastic Bottles Saved
Hydration Helps
Weight Loss

Boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite.


Improve texture and maintain glowing skin.


Reduces headahces, improves mood, and strengthens the immune system. 


A glow gives you a visual reminder to drink water to stay on track with your daily goal. Once your daily daily goal is met, your bottle will celebrate with a light show!

Tracks & Syncs with App

Every sip you take is tracked by a sensor in the bottle and recorded to the app when you sync to iOS and most Android Phones.

Find your bottle

Can’t find your bottle? No problem,  just check your bottle's last connected location in our free hydration app.

Why Hidrate Works

Our product is more than a water bottle. The Hidrate Spark 3’s glow and app creates behavior change. Those who have our bottle drink more water, and we have studies to prove it.

Above and Beyond Customer Service

I can already feel a difference.
“I thought that drinking that much water was impossible but it’s not! The only change I made was my water intake and I lost weight, have more energy and sleep more. My skin and face are a lot clearer. I love this water bottle and the funny reminders too.” - Jill M.

Love it.
“I thought I was drinking enough water, so this has been wonderful. I look forward to seeing the glow. And their customer service is phenomenal . All companies should have such good service. This is a great product, great company!” - Kathy R.

Best water bottle tech!
“I can't say enough about this company and these water bottles. They are the best modern day invention in this space. They are beautiful, work great and are very helpful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle... Can't say enough positive about this company.” - Steven F.