TAP 32oz w/ Chug Lid

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HidrateSpark TAP - the smart water bottle that tracks your water intake through the HidrateSpark App and glows to remind you to drink. Our powerful Tap To Track technology updates your water intake on the HidrateSpark App by simply tapping your smartphone to the NFC Tag. Choose between stainless steel or Tritan plastic body, 20, 24, and 32oz size options, and Chug or Straw Lids.
Color: Black

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Tamara S.
I found out that I

I found out that I was not hydrating enough so this is wonderful for me

James G.
Great bottle, easy to setup

Great bottle, easy to setup and track your water consumption.

Awesome water bottle that helps

Awesome water bottle that helps you to remember to drink water

Richard C.
Another great product from Hidrate!!!

Another great product from Hidrate!!! This is my 3rd bottle I've purchased and each one continues to getter than the previous one I owned.\nI was terrible at drinking water till I started using Hidrate products. I now have a streak of 540 days of consistent water drinking and meeting my daily goal with the app.\nKeep up the great work!!!

Emily S.
Exactly as advertised

Great plastic bottle, it's pretty straightforward. The app is super easy to use. There were only 2 drawbacks:\nIt doesn't fit in my Honda Accord's cup holder, I should've probably checked that before buying though. It was really close to fitting, if only it had been a centimeter thinner.\nIt turns out I have trouble drinking 32 oz of water in one sitting, and I find myself wanting to refill the bottle before it's empty, which throws off how the whole \tap to record\" function works. I just have to get in and estimate how much I've drank

or chug the rest of my water when I have the opportunity to get more.\n\nOverall