TAP 32oz w/ Straw Lid

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HidrateSpark TAP - the smart water bottle that tracks your water intake through the HidrateSpark App and glows to remind you to drink. Our powerful Tap To Track technology updates your water intake on the HidrateSpark App by simply tapping your smartphone to the NFC Tag. Choose between stainless steel or Tritan plastic body, 20, 24, and 32oz size options, and Chug or Straw Lids.
Color: Wildberry

Customer Reviews

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Stuart H.
It was a gift for

It was a gift for my daughter and she absolutely loves it thank you very much

Megan T.
Life Saver

I have ADHD and really struggle with remembering to drink water through the day. I got this for my desk at work, and it reminds me every hour. I absolutely LOVE my bottle. It has changed my life.

Alison F.
Tap to track is great

The size is great. Holds plenty of water for me. The 32 oz capacity last about half the day if I'm not doing anything active during the day. It's very easy to clean. I got the straw lid version and it's been great. The light up puck is very very easy to use and the light is pretty bright and really gets your attention. The app is very easy to use. I love the tap to record. I've had it a month now I think and haven't had to change the battery at all. I really enjoy not needing to charge the puck.

Gabriela P.
The capacity is great The

The capacity is great\n\nThe tech is nice but the battery I though it was going to be charging or something else,instead of changing the battery ones is low.\n\nI love the size.32oz is really good to finish it the goal faster.

Bethany M.
Great size, the app works

Great size, the app works very well and is wonderful keeping track of water intake