HidrateSpark PRO Smart Water Bottle Body

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Double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel smart water bottle body keeps drinks cold for 24 hours, works with ice, and is sweat proof. Compatible with Chug and Straw Lids. (Straw Lid size should match Bottle Body size, as the straw length differs between sizes)

*24 oz bodies are made with Shatter and odor-resistant Tritan™ plastic not double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel 

*Does not include LED Bluetooth Sensor Puck, Charging Cable, or Lids. 

Size: 17 oz
Color: Black

Customer Reviews

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I bought this cup body as a replacement for the original, which was defective. The threads on the bottom did not hold the sensor puck in place. This one is beautiful and the threads are correct. What a pleasure! I wish I had realized sooner that the original was defective! I thought I was doing something wrong. These cups are overpriced, but fun to use.


The app should allow you to manually sync so you can be sure the bottle has read the water level correctly.

Kevin H.
Bottle Crazy

My wife and I love our bottles, all five of them. She started with pink and has got three other colors and I got the special Royal Blue bottle and love the color, just recently got a black one also. We love the way they track our water intake and give us little reminder notifications. Would like to see an insulated version at some point. we've had to deal with customer service a couple times, coating coming off a pink bottle and the O-ring that opens the cap broke on two different bottles, CS was very quick to respond and remedied the situation to our pleasure. \It's not if you have a problem

it's how you deal with it that matters\'

Angela K.
Defective Censor replaced

Thank you Hidratespark. My replacement censor arrived yesterday. I watched your onine video and I'm back to hydrating. I got my bottle for Christmas, the censor worked for about 5 days when it stopped. I replaced the batteries, that didn't work. I contacted you. I did everything you suggested. After a few days, you told me you were shipping me , free, a replacement. I call this outstanding customer service. My sensor glowed as soon as it was synced to my phone. Thank you.

Lori B.
Best Christmas gift EVER!!!!

Amazing product. I love the bottle. It is amazing, I snap images of my progress to send to my daughter who bought me the water bottle. Everyone at work asks, is that one of those, oooo high, it is, how cool. I LOVE IT!!!\nI think it would be cool to add a victory sound feature on your app when you complete your goal. A bit pricy, but I'm in love. ‚ô°‚ô°‚ô°