HidrateSpark TAP Chug Lid

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The leak proof chug lid is compatible with ALL TAP smart water bottle sizes & materials, and has a built in carry loop.

*Does not include Bottle Body, or LED Light Base

  • Black
  • Grey
  • Royal Blue
    Royal Blue
  • Scuba
  • Fruit Punch
    Fruit Punch
  • Wildberry
Hospital Employees, Medical Providers, Military, Nurses, First Responders, Students, and Teachers receive 10% off.

HidrateSpark TAP Chug Lid

Fits All TAP Smart Water Bottles

$5.99 $0.00 ( / )
Don't work hard...
Let your water bottle do it for you.
Hand holding bottle
Smarter hydration is as easy as
Glow. Drink. Track.
Add a bit of color to your hydration by choosing one of the 7 preset glow colors which glow every hour for a 12 hour period to help you stay on track and build a lasting hydration habit.
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Easy to use
A simple press button interface on the bottom of your bottle lets you easily set your daily glow reminder schedule, snooze your next glow and customize your glow color. Stay on track of your hydration goal with the ease of our Tap to Track technology. Bottle also includes a long lasting replaceable battery.
Backed by the App
Add some smarts to your hydration habit with the best pair possible - HidrateSpark TAP water bottle and our free HidrateSpark App. Get your custom daily hydration goal, track your water intake, motivate friends, take on hydration challenges and so much more.
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