HidrateSpark Holiday Gift Guide

HidrateSpark Holiday Gift Guide

If you haven’t started your holiday shopping yet, now is the time to get going. This year as you're trying to figure out your gifting list, think about giving the gift of hydration with help from HidrateSpark. Not sure what to choose? Here’s a gift guide to help you out this year.

Gifts for Those Who Love Health and Fitness Trackers

If you have someone on your list who loves to track everything from calories to steps, HidrateSpark smart water bottles are the perfect gift. They are the world’s smartest water bottles and when paired with the HidrateSpark App, it’s easier than ever to track personal hydration habits. Depending on the water bottle you buy, you can track every sip and every bottle you drink. Choose from HidrateSpark PRO, HidrateSpark TAP and HidrateSpark 3 smart water bottles. 

Gifts for Those Looking for a Healthy Boost

Is someone on your list looking for a healthy boost to go with their hydration? HidrateSpark WAVE drink mix supplements are the perfect gift for those who want to get more than just hydration from their water. WAVE supplements come in a variety of flavors, have zero calories, and are sugar-free. Choose from three different WAVE supplements: HidrateSpark WAVE Electrolytes, WAVE Energy, and WAVE Immune Support.

Gifts for HidrateSpark Owners

If you know someone who already owns and loves their HidrateSpark smart water bottle, add a few accessories so that they can spruce up their bottle. You can now purchase chug lids, straw lids, and water bottle bodies for HidrateSpark PRO bottles. Find a new, cool color that will make their bottle pop.

This year more than ever it’s important to start your gift shopping early. If you’re looking for a healthy, environmentally friendly gift, look no further than HidrateSpark and the world’s smartest water bottle collection.

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