17 Apr
03 Apr

Constance's Hidrate Story

I bought my first Hidrate in December 2020, less than two months after I received my kidney transplant. It was my second kidney transplant; my first transplant took place in 2011 and lasted almost ...

15 Mar

Water & Your Brain

Do you find it difficult to focus on your work or even have issues remembering things? If the answer to the question is yes, you may be dehydrated. Water, which makes up a vast majority of our body...

01 Mar

Hydration & Heart Health

Did you know that water makes up the largest part of your body and is necessary for practically everything that keeps your body functioning- including your heart.   Your heart continuously circulat...

04 Feb

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Still looking for a last minute gift for that special someone or maybe for yourself? HidrateSpark bottles make perfect gifts and get your loved ones (or you) to drink more water. Time is ticking, d...

01 Feb

3 Tips To Keep Your Resolutions

Have you kept your New Year’s Resolution? If so, great job and keep doing what you are doing, but to be honest, you are rare. You might not know this, but only about 36% of Americans have kept thei...

16 Jan
04 Jan
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