Top Ten Reasons Water Is Your Ultimate Health Drink

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There are plenty of diet trends to start the new decade. Among them, is intermittent fasting. And it’s no secret you can go without food for hours, even weeks.  But when it comes to living without water, we’re only able to survive a few days. 

That’s because our bodies are more than 60% water; so your heart, cells, muscles, bones, and blood depend on it. 

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Why do we need water?

Here are just ten of the top reasons why water is important for our health:

  1. Water flushes out toxins; it makes your body operate efficiently. 
  2. Water helps your cells absorb minerals and nutrients; it also makes skin glow. 
  3. It carries oxygen to your body; blood is more than 90 percent water. It needs water to transport it throughout your system.
  4. Helps the digestive tract do the job.
  5. Provides more energy; water boosts your performance during routine and strenuous activities. 
  6. Water improves your mood; dehydration makes you tired and if you don’t drink enough water, your focus and short-term memory can take a hit.
  7. Water prevents and cures headaches; not drinking enough water can lead to stress and anxiety. Drinking more water can also help get rid of hangovers. 
  8. Water is calorie-free and unlike calorie-free sodas, contains no chemicals.  
  9. Water boosts your metabolism. One study found that drinking 500 milliliters (16 ounces) of water increased metabolic rates by 30 percent in both men and women. These effects appeared to last more than an hour.
  10. Drinking water will also help you lose weight. Many times you might think you need food, but your body is confused and you’re just thirsty. So grab that water bottle, not a snack.

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It’s never too early to start those good habits and get your family headed on a healthy track.

Experts recommend at least 64 ounces a day and tracking that is easy with the HidrateSpark smart bluetooth water bottle. It’s the world’s smartest water bottle for a reason; every sip counts and is measured through its internal sensor and the free Hidrate App. Start the year off right and you’ll see and feel the glow.

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