Three Ways to Invest in Our Planet: Earth Day 2022

Three Ways to Invest in Our Planet: Earth Day 2022

Earth Day is just around the corner, bringing extra awareness to how we all can get involved to help our planet. Hundreds of thousands of people will gather on Friday, April 22, to celebrate Earth Day by participating in many events and activities. Earth Day is the perfect day to begin, but you can also do things daily to help our planet. Here are three ways to fight climate change every day. 

Try a Climate-Friendly Diet 

Did you know that you have a foodprint? A foodprint measures the impact of growing, producing, transporting, and storing our food on the planet. Our foodprint accounts for more than a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions. Switching to a plant-based diet reduces the number of natural resources used in producing food from animals. If more humans switched to plant-based diets, we could use less water and less land for crops and cut back on greenhouse gas emissions from food transportation and storage. 

Go Plogging

You’ve probably been running, walking, or hiking, but have you been plogging? It’s where you combine running, walking, or hiking with picking up trash. When you track your miles or kilometers, you can track how much waste you pick up. Picking up trash and litter along trails or roads will help keep it from getting into our waterways and eventually our oceans. Learn more about plogging and a few people who have embraced it here

Remove. Refuse. Rally to Cut Plastic. 

Plastic is one of the largest offenders of polluting the environment. We’ve heard reduce, reuse and recycle to help cut back on plastic’s impact on the environment. However, this year try these three “R’s” to cut plastic pollution. Remove, refuse, rally. If you see a piece of plastic lying on the ground, remove it. Refuse by saying no to using plastic straws and cups. Instead, use reusable cups. And rally means getting involved with our community to stop the usage of single-use plastics like bags or water bottles. 

Using HidrateSpark smart water bottles helps to reduce plastic waste while helping you stay on top of your hydration. Since the beginning, sustainability has been a foundation of our business, and so far, HidrateSpark and our customers have saved the planet 17 million single-use plastic water bottles–and we’re still going! So check out the lineup of smart water bottles to do your part in protecting the environment from plastic waste. There’s no better time than Earth Day 2022 to get started in investing in our planet. 

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