The PRO Advantage

The PRO Advantage

2020 has forced us to change our routines, examine our perceptions, and handle a continually evolving reality. 

It’s also forced us to focus more on our health and that of our neighbors and the impact of our actions on those around us.

And if you’re one of many working from home or someone who has lost your job due to the pandemic, you’ve probably replaced those disposable plastic water bottles with water from the fridge or the tap. You’re saving money, the environment and it’s easy to keep your water chilled with a few chunks of ice. 

But once things progress to a more “normal” situation, you’ll need a good reusable water bottle for your commute and your workday.  

There are a lot to choose from, so let’s check out a few of the most popular brands.

Hidratespark steel comparison smart water bottle

H2OPal: the 18.6-ounce glass bottle has a stainless steel lid. Users can also switch out the bottle provided with one of their own. H2OPal mounts to the base of the water bottle using a vacuum and magnetic connection. An “accelerometer” and weight sensor monitors the water level in the bottle and sends data to the H2OPal app on your iPhone.  The downside: it is too wide to fit into the cupholders in your car and it’s also pricey: $99. 

Icewater 3-in-1: this 20-ounce double-walled stainless bottle keeps water hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours. It’s BPA free and glows once an hour to remind you to drink more. There’s also a built-in Bluetooth speaker so you can play music from any Bluetooth device. At about $30, it has pizazz. But it’s not as smart as it wants you to think: this bottle isn’t scientific. It can’t be customized to your unique profile or track your individual needs.

Bellabeat Spring: It’s smart, glass and dishwasher safe. It allows you to set personalized goals and it tracks them. After that, the bottle has some real challenges. It only holds 16 ounces. The biggest concern: it only keeps your water cold for 3 hours. Retail price: $99.  

A few other bottles that have become popular: YETI, Hydro Flask and S’Well. They will keep it cold for 24 hours; Contigo keeps cold for 15 hours and Nalgene for just 3. Hydro Flask has even been called “indestructible.” But it’s not smart!  With all of these bottles, you’re on your own when it comes to tracking your hydration and working your way to better health.

So why settle? You deserve the best! 

HidrateSpark PRO:  It’s our fourth-generation smart water bottle and the first one that’s rechargeable. Crafted with high-quality, light, and durable, double-insulated stainless steel. 360 different combinations give you the power to customize and make this water bottle your very own. The HidrateSpark PRO comes in two sizes with two five colors and keeps water cold for up to 24 hours. You can choose between a 17-ounce bottle or the 21-ounce. Both fit smoothly in your vehicle’s standard-size cup holder. Straw and chug lids are interchangeable between bottles. HidrateSpark’s proprietary Hydration Equation, the HidrateSpark App (free download) and bottle work in tandem to calculate a unique daily hydration goal based on your physiological and biological factors, as well as other inputs such as elevation, weather, and exercise. 

If you fall behind, you’ll get the glow. You can easily change the signals from this smart water with the included LED puck that lights up in a variety of rainbow, white, blue, green, pink, and red patterns.  After charging, the battery is good for 10 to 14 days. 

Give it a try: choose the 17oz bottle ($59.99) or 21oz ($64.99). They come with Straw or Chug lid options. And it works with iOS and Android.

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