September is Self-Care Month

September is Self-Care Month

It makes sense to take care of ourselves all year long, but we all know it’s not that simple. 

2020 has been especially difficult, physically, mentally, and emotionally, thanks to Covid-19.

A lot of the things we enjoy every Spring and Summer went away or got put on hold. No big group celebrations, graduations or weddings. Community festivals and events canceled. Travel restricted; borders closed. Youth sports leagues suspended, while pro teams played in bubbles, without any of us cheering in the stands. 

This has been our grim reality for the past six months. With Labor Day as the unofficial end to summer, it’s important to not let those shorter and darker days lead to negativity. So here are a few suggestions for self-care.  

Self-Care Tips

  • Get out and play. Your gym might still be closed but set up an exercise routine that puts nature on display. It’s always invigorating to see trees changing color, animals preparing for the winter and hear birds chirping.

  • Get a massage or a facial; and guys, that means you too.  If you’ve spent the summer on Zoom or Team meetings, you’ve probably not worried about your appearance as much as usual. All that time on computers and phones also created more strain on your neck and eyes, so a little TLC will make a huge difference to your health and attitude.
  • Eat a healthy diet and don’t forget your water. Nutritious foods, like vegetables, fruits, and low-fat fish or lean meats won’t send you plunging into the dreaded “food coma”. Watch your alcohol; it’s a depressant and also dehydrates. So, make sure you’re drinking enough water; it’s essential for your skin, digestion, and overall health. Not sure what you need or how to keep track? Make it easy on yourself; it can be simple with the HidrateSpark STEEL Insulated Stainless Steel Bluetooth Smart Water Bottle
  • Miss getting together with friends because of social distancing? Arrange to stream the same movie at the same time. No matter where you are, you can share the experience and then Facetime or Skype your “reviews” when it’s over. Try putting together a cooking competition with the same recipe and see if you can outdo your friends.

  • If you’re into music, you don’t have to be a rock star to get together and play your own virtual concert.
  • Get enough sleep. Just because you might not be commuting to work, you still need to keep a healthy routine. Getting enough rest helps deal with stress and gives your immune system a boost.
Bottom line: find time for you.  Whether you’re a busy mom or dad, a single professional in a demanding career, or a retired grandparent devoted to the family, make sure you give yourself the consideration you deserve. If you don’t make YOU a priority, you won’t be as dynamic and energetic with everyone else. Just be as kind to you as you are to others. 

Start in September, but make self-care an important part of your routine every day!

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