Onduo & HidrateSpark partner in the fight against Diabetes

onduo's CGM system pack for type 2 diabetes along side a berry colored hidrate spark 3 bluetooth smart water bottle

Fight Diabetes with Better Hydration. HidrateSpark Teams up with Onduo to help Diabetic Patients Develop Healthier Habits.

Onduo has a new partner in the fight against diabetes. HidrateSpark announced its partnership with Onduo with the aim of helping promote positive behavior for diabetic patients so they can develop healthy changes to their daily lives, including monitoring their hydration.


The HidrateSpark 3 smart water bottle is designed to help people track water intake and promote adequate hydration. The company’s proprietary hydration equation calculates a personalized hydration goal, dynamically adjusted throughout the day. The patented water bottle features a glow, reminding users to drink. Paired via Bluetooth® with the free downloadable Hidrate App, customers can accurately track and adjust how much water they drink daily.

Studies show that 75% of Americans are dehydrated and that the average American only drinks 2.5 cups of water each day. For those living with type 2 diabetes, an increase in water consumption can help replace sugar in their diet that comes from manufactured beverages, as well as support weight loss. Even a weight loss of 5 to 7% in people living with diabetes can reduce insulin resistance and help manage blood glucose.

Joshua Riff CEO of Onduo virtual care program with diabetes tools

Dr. Joshua Riff MD, CEO of Onduo said, “We believe everybody could use a little support in taking the guesswork out of what their body needs. Connected health devices, such as the HidrateSpark and CGMs, support people in their everyday lives and that’s where they need it most.”

The partnership with Onduo combines the power of technology and innovation with the need for daily hydration to improve the lives of patients living with diabetes. HidrateSpark believes that chronic health challenges like type 2 diabetes can be better managed when patients use the HidrateSpark 3 to achieve their goals. The company has seen that proof through successful clinical trials with the Mayo Clinic.

Personalization is the key component of the Onduo program. Onduo members get access to data from devices like CGMs, and now HidrateSpark 3, and diabetes specialists can use this information to help further insight into their health and wellness journey.

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