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Hidrate Spark 3 Bluetooth Smart Water Bottle on display and for sale at the Herald Square Macy's

Yes, Virginia… 

It was instant magic when Macy's became the first American department store to feature a Santa Claus during the Christmas season. He appeared at the Herald Square store in 1862. 

Macy's New York Location at Herald Square 1908

Now, 157 years later, another special groundbreaking moment. Macy’s has launched HidrateSpark 3, the world’s smartest water bottle, at that same New York location, and in other flagship stores, nationwide.

Macy's New York Location at Herald Square 2019

HidrateSpark, a pioneer in monitoring daily health and wellness habits, is using its patented technology to help tap into our water consumption routines. The company’s proprietary hydration equation calculates a personalized goal, dynamically adjusted throughout the day, based on biometrics and physiological data. 

HidrateSpark 3, paired via Bluetooth® with the Hidrate App, allows you to track and adjust how much water you drink throughout the day. The bottle features a glow, so you can reach your goal and improve health and wellness.  Hidrate app push notifications alert you when you’re falling behind.

Royal Blue Hidrate Spark 3 Glowing with Apple Watch and iPhone 11

And, the Hidrate app is available with a free download from the App Store. You can set up your new HidrateSpark bottle with your AppleID on your Apple Watch and other favorite devices. And with iOS 13, you can choose Light and Dark modes.

We’ve also made sure you never lose your HidrateSpark 3 water bottle. With location services turned on, the app records the last place your bottle was connected to your Hidrate app and shows you a map, so you can find it.

The Hidrate Spark Smart Water Bottle App's Bottle Page showing a map of your bottle's last synced location

Get yours and one for everybody you care about - USE CODE GLOW2019 AT CHECKOUT and get $10 off. 

It’s a great gift for the holidays that will keep giving health and wellness, all year long.

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