Is Sparkling Water Healthy?

Is Sparkling Water Healthy?

Sparkling Water vs. Regular Water: What is the Healthy Choice? 

Sparkling water is refreshing, bubbly, and can be more exciting to drink than plain water, but does the tickle on your tongue equate to something as healthy as regular water? That’s a question health and wellness and water enthusiasts everywhere are pondering

Is Sparkling Water Healthy: The Answer is on the Label

There hasn’t been a ton of research on the topic, but with zero sugar, zero calories, and with no extra ingredients, it appears that sparkling water is just as healthy as plain “flat water.” Experts who have studied the subject insist that carbonated water is a much healthier choice than syrupy sodas and sports drinks. The carbonated tingle gives the same satisfaction to people who crave sodas. 

The small negative to drinking sparkling water is that if you drink it too fast, you might have little indigestion or gas, which may cause you to drink less at that moment. 

What About Bone Health? 

People often associate carbonation with being harmful to your bones and teeth; studies have shown that enjoying a glass of sparkling water has little effect on your bones. Drinking your favorite sparkling water is a healthy alternative and completely safe to drink, especially when compared to sodas and other sugary carbonated drinks.

When it comes down to the question, is sparkling water as healthy as its boring cousin, plain flat water? The answer is YES! If you enjoy the fizz and refreshing taste of sparkling water, drink up. You might be surprised to find yourself drinking even more sparkling water than you do regular water.

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