HidrateSpark PRO vs. TAP: Which option is right for you?

HidrateSpark PRO vs. TAP: Which option is right for you?

The newest lineup of HidrateSpark smart water bottles gives you plenty of exciting options! HidrateSpark PRO and HidrateSpark TAP are the two latest additions to the HidrateSpark smart water bottle family. They offer different technologies, varying price points, and customizable options, but they both have the same goal: to make sure that you stay hydrated. 

HidrateSpark PRO

The HidrateSpark PRO comes in a 17 oz or 21 oz stainless steel bottle, so you can choose the best size for your lifestyle. The PRO's weight sensing technology tracks every sip you take throughout your day, and when it's paired with the HidrateSpark app, it records and tracks your daily hydration. The HidrateSpark PRO also comes with plenty of style. Its color customization and glow studio allow you to change the colors of your bottle's glow. The PRO also comes with a rechargeable battery. Think you’d like the PRO? Purchase your HidrateSpark PRO water bottle for $64.99 

HidrateSpark TAP

The HidrateSpark TAP smart water bottle is the newest addition to the HidrateSpark collection. It comes in three different sizes and two different makes. The 20 oz option is stainless steel, and the 24- and 32-ounce bottles are Tritan Plastic. Like the PRO bottle, you can pair your TAP bottle with the HidrateSpark app and track your hydration. The difference is that rather than tracking every sip, you tap your phone to the smart water bottle. You can choose from seven preset glow options, and it comes with a replaceable battery. If you think the HidrateSpark TAP is more your style, you can get it for just $19.99. 

It's nice to have options! No matter which HidrateSpark smart water bottle you choose; it will  help you stay hydrated throughout your day. Check out the HidrateSpark lineup and start your journey to a healthier, well-hydrated life. 

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