For Those Who Serve Their Community: Get 10% Off Now

For Those Who Serve Their Community: Get 10% Off Now

What defines a community? Is it your town, city, neighborhood? The answer is all of the above, and communities support each other. Over the last year, first responders, doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, military personnel and veterans, along with teachers, professors and their students, have been the heart and soul of our communities. We appreciate those serving our communities and offer a 10% discount on all HidrateSpark products to members of these groups. We’ve partnered with to help you verify your group during checkout to receive your discount on the spot. 

Supporting Each Other in Hydration Goals 

One of the wonderful things about HidrateSpark products is that we’re a community of our own. You can create or join a hydration group to get support and support others in staying hydrated. The HidrateSpark smart water bottles, when paired with the free HidrateSpark app, can easily help you keep track of how much water you drink throughout the day. You can also set daily, weekly, and monthly goals. If you have a group, you can set different challenges for a little friendly competition. 

HidrateSpark smart water bottles help remind you when it’s time to drink water throughout the day by glowing! Once paired with the app, using your weight, height, and activity level, the bottle will light up and remind you when it’s time to drink. This will make sure that you drink enough water throughout the day, helping you live a healthier, well-hydrated lifestyle. 

When you serve your community, your days get busy. Perhaps you don’t remember to drink as much as you should throughout the day. HidrateSpark smart water bottles provide the reminder you need. If you’re an active military member, veteran, doctor, nurse, healthcare worker, first responder, teacher, professor, or college student, you can take advantage of 10% off all HidrateSpark products now.

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