Earth Day 2020

Earth Day 2020

Our Chance To Make A Positive Impact...Forever

There’s no doubt April 22, 2020 will look different this year. With most of the world in lockdown, we won’t have the typical Earth Day celebrations.

Ironically, along with the tragic loss of human life and fears for the long term impact of the Coronavirus, our earth already seems to be celebrating the effects of our social distancing. 

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We’re seeing ecological rejuvenation but sadly, it’s resulting from the economic slowdown and human suffering. 

With many industrial operations on hold and more of us working from home, we’ve cut pollution levels. Deserted beaches mean less trash; millions of tons of plastic bottles, caps, and bags have choked waters and destroyed wildlife and for now, nature is getting a break.

As we keep our distance and wait for this pandemic to pass (and hopefully, we will have it all under control soon), you can still do your part at home and in your community. 

Take a walk with a reusable water bottle. Refilling your bottle saves money and that filtered water from your fridge is likely purer than the water in that pricey plastic bottle.

And if you’re considered essential, we’d like to give you a big shout out. Thanks for risking your lives to help us. 

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You are true heroes!

The Earth Day of the Future

When we do get back to “normal”, we’ll produce more greenhouse gases as our economy fires up. Reopening our world will be good. But perhaps we can let this Earth Day be an example of how we can all just buy and use what we need, cut personal waste and conserve. It will be the best for ourselves and our earth.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

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