Available Exclusively at Apple.com: HidrateSpark STEEL Bundle

Available Exclusively at Apple.com: HidrateSpark STEEL Bundle

Get Your HidrateSpark STEEL Bundle on Apple.com

Big news for HidrateSpark fans! A new HidrateSpark STEEL bundle is available only at Apple.com. The HidrateSpark STEEL bundle comes in a 21 oz bottle in brushed stainless steel plus a bonus lid! Get both the chug lid and straw lid, which can be used interchangeably, so you’ll have a choice on how to sip throughout the day.

Keep Track with Apple Products

The new bundle works with Apple devices to monitor your health and hydration. After you create your account in the free HidrateSpark App, you can connect with Apple Health to use your recorded information to compute your daily hydration goals. The seamless integration makes it easy to use with your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch to keep up with your stats.

The World’s Smartest Water Bottle

As you know, hydration is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The HidrateSpark STEEL water bottle helps you stay on top of your hydration. Its sensor pack tracks your water intake, and then glows to remind you when it’s time to drink. Its stainless steel design and vacuum-insulation will keep your water cold for up to 24 hours. Both the straw lid and chug lid in this new package are secured with a cover and locking mechanism to keep your bottle clean.

If you’re ready to live a healthier, more hydrated lifestyle, check out the new HidrateSpark STEEL bundle now available in the Apple Store

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