Our Fight Against Single Use Plastic [Water Bottles]

Our Fight Against Single Use Plastic [Water Bottles]

Plastic water bottles are some of the largest offenders in polluting the environment. Since we started HidrateSpark back in 2014, we’ve been on a mission to reduce the number of plastic bottles used that often add unnecessary expense to everyday life, as well as unnecessary pollution to our land and oceans. Read about our progress in the fight against plastic bottles so far. 

150 Million Bottles Saved

According to our accurate app data, HidrateSpark users have consumed enough water from their bottles to save 161 million 16.9 oz plastic waters from our land and oceans. We are so proud of our customer base for supporting our sustainability mission and choosing to reuse! Not only is it great for our earth to have less waste, but we feel good knowing that it’s good on our customer’s wallets and bodies to sip from reusable water bottles. 

Our Tactics To Tackle Waste

Although HidrateSpark bottles are reusable, that’s not our key to eliminating single use plastic usage. Our technology encourages consistent use of HidrateSpark bottles by:

  • Providing everchanging hydration goals 
  • Forming habits with push notifications, reminder glows, and streaks
  • Rewarding consistent users with trophies
  • Constant development of bottles for all needs - on the go, larger capacities, hot liquids

The theme for  Earth Day 2023 is “Invest In Our Planet”, and we can’t think of a better way to invest in our planet and ourselves than using HidrateSpark smart bottles. Thank you for choosing to make a difference with HidrateSpark.

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