New Features Add a Little Fun to Your Hydration

New Features Add a Little Fun to Your Hydration

Did you ever think that drinking water can be fun and offer you a challenge? The new features of the free HidrateSpark App and smart water bottle make drinking H20 a little more exciting. In addition to the many health benefits drinking water has to offer, you get the benefit of seeing your progress on the App, which makes you only want to keep improving your health. Here's a breakdown of what the newest features you’ll see when you update to our newest version of the HidrateSpark App

Earn Trophies! 

Getting a trophy makes us all feel so good. Log in to the App, and you can earn new trophies by completing different tasks. Take on the challenge of drinking enough water to fill up a bathtub or cooler, achieve a new sip record, or earn a trophy for adding other bottles to your account. Complete the tasks and collect your virtual gold to showcase your great healthy habits.


Your Own Firework Show
Reach your goal for the day and see your goal screen light up with your own firework show! In addition, your bottle will still glow to celebrate your accomplished goal.


Join Challenges!
Hydration Challenges allow Hidrate users to come together and motivate each other to reach their goals. There are two types of challenges - team based challenges allows users to compete for a team of their choosing and cooperative based sustainability challenges empower users to help save a number of plastic water bottles as a group. Earn trophies for being a part of the winning team, completing the challenge, and having a perfect streak during the challenge!


One of HidrateSpark’s main features is that it glows when it's time to take a drink. We get that there are times when getting glow reminders isn't ideal, like in a movie theater or meeting. So now, we’re giving you snooze! Our new snooze feature on the App puts the power of glow in your hands and lets you temporarily pause the glow notifications. You can snooze for 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, even 3 hours. 


Sip Glow Feature 

Want to get a virtual high five every time you take a sip? Turn on the sip glow feature, and your water bottle will light up every time it records your sip. This feature is only available on the new HidrateSpark PRO bottle. 

There are many health benefits to drinking plenty of water. With HidrateSpark water bottles, you'll be able to track and stay on top of your hydration. These new features make drinking water so much fun while providing all the great health benefits of hydration! Check out the full range HidrateSpark products and catch the wave to living a whole new healthy you.

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