Join the Sip Squad. Earn Rewards.

Join the Sip Squad. Earn Rewards.

Who doesn’t love having a squad? Your girls, your boys, your friends. At HidrateSpark we’ve got the Sip Squad. It’s a unique rewards program that allows you to get reward points for making purchases and referring your squad to ours.

We all love rewards, whether it's reward points on credit cards, points for miles to use on travel, or reward points at the grocery store, they’re all helpful. What if you got points for promoting proper health and hydration? With HidrateSpark Rewards, you can! Join the Sip Squad and earn points and money off your HidrateSpark products when you refer friends, promote HidrateSpark and make purchases. 

Give a Little, Get a Little with HidrateSpark Referrals 

The unique referral program will help you get more when giving HidrateSpark products to your friends and family. Introduce HidrateSpark products to your friends and family, and they will get $5 off their first order of $50. You will also earn $5 in points, which equals 500 HidrateSpark rewards points for each successful referral. 

How to Earn HidrateSpark Rewards

Join the Sip Squad and collect your rewards. The points you earn represent a dollar amount that you can use to save on HidrateSpark products. 

Check out the point break down: 

  • 1000 points = $10 off orders over $50
  • 1500 points = $15 off orders over $75
  • 2000 points = $20 off orders over $100
  • 2500 points = $25 off orders over $125

Keep in mind for every dollar you spend; you get 10 points, so they'll add up pretty fast. In addition to purchasing HidrateSpark products, you can earn points for doing other tasks such as writing a review, following us on Instagram, or adding a video review. We'll even give you 500 points on your birthday. 

What are you waiting for? Sign up for the Sip Squad and start earning points towards rewards by telling your squad to start drinking more water. Get rewards for living a healthier lifestyle and staying hydrated today! Learn more about HidrateSpark Rewards

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