Meet HidrateSpark Superuser Lindsay Yeo

Meet HidrateSpark Superuser Lindsay Yeo

Being able to track information about the amount of water I'm drinking and reach my hydration goals fits nicely with my Fitbit. I've never felt so tuned in to my body as I do now. — Lindsay Yeo

Lindsay Yeo has lived with epilepsy her entire life. In 2017, she had surgery that she was hopeful would minimize her seizures. Afterwards, Lindsay says, she realized that she had the chance to rebuild some pieces of her life. Here's her story:

HidrateSpark STEEL Black exercise workout

Recovery after surgery gave me the time to choose to focus on things I wasn't necessarily focused on before surgery. I realized that a better outcome really just factors into overall self-care each day. I knew the basics like exercise, food and sleep were all key aspects. A fun way to track my water intake seemed like something that might just help, too.

When I saw the HidrateSpark 2.0 advertised on social media, it really drew me in. Being able to track information about the amount of water I'm drinking and reach my hydration goals fits nicely with my Fitbit. Plus, the colors and glowing reminders to drink were fun!

Then one day I noticed Kyle Lowry drinking from a HidrateSpark on the bench during a Raptors game. It was also posted on social media. I thought it was just too cool to see one of the guys on my fave NBA team using the same bottle as me.

HidrateSpark 2 STEEL Black Purple

Eventually I upgraded to the HidrateSpark STEEL. I love that it keeps water cold! And especially in the muggy summer, there's no condensation on the outside of the bottle. That is a huge benefit. My HidrateSpark STEEL set at medium intensity glow, with rainbow colors, with reminders five times a day. The colors glow and change when I need something new. That keeps it fun! My reminders are up to 8 per day now ... I just love the colors!

Since I started back to work this month, I just knew I had to take my STEEL with me — the cold and the colors are necessary in my days. I actually like the subtleness that I find it can have compared to my 2.0, as not too many have noticed the flashes or asked me about it. So I can continue to enjoy it; I'm hooked on it!

Lindsay Waterfront HidrateSpark STEEL Black woman

My family and friends are used to seeing me carry my HidrateSpark everywhere I go. I don't want to be without my HidrateSpark STEEL. I've never felt so tuned into my body as I do now. I love coffee to start my day, but after that it is all water and I can tell when my body has waited too long for more. Consistent water helps me stay active each day, more so than ever before.

The HidrateSpark team tells me I've achieved one of its longest hydration streaks — today I hit day 808. I credit my success to the fact that my HidrateSpark STEEL is helping me look after myself every single day. I'm kind of stepping back to the simple things, like drinking enough water and doing it in a fun way, especially now with colorful lights to celebrate another day of hitting my goal!

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