Are you on the #sipsquad?

Are you on the #sipsquad?

Life is better with teamwork --- Even Hydration 

When it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it helps to have a squad supporting and working together. You'll push each other to meet your goals and do even better each day. Plus, when you meet goals together, it will feel awesome to celebrate with your team.

HidrateSpark smart water bottles, when paired with the free HidrateSpark App, allow you to connect and build a squad of friends or coworkers to set goals and track each other’s success. You might discover your competitive side working in your favor as you attempt to reach your goals first and more often. 

Benefits of Hydration 

Proper hydration has a direct impact on a healthy lifestyle. Drinking the right amount of water each day can help maintain or increase energy levels, improve weight loss, lower blood sugar levels, boost productivity, and so much more. 

HidrateSpark smart water bottles keep good hydration habits on track everyday and now you can invite your friends to build your very own squad. Throughout the day, you'll get glowing reminders when it's time to drink. The App will also send notifications and reminders to your phone. 

Your healthy lifestyle begins with hydration.  You’ll achieve better results, have fun and stay motivated when you have a squad working toward the same goal.

Join the HidrateSpark family on social media to share your progress. Share a photo of you with your HidrateSpark smart water bottle with #sipsquad and you could be featured in one of our posts. Get motivated to stay hydrated. Get your HidrateSpark smart water bottle today.

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