Join HidrateSpark App Challenges: Get In On the Action

Join HidrateSpark App Challenges: Get In On the Action

Who doesn’t love a good challenge? Especially when it comes to improving your health. When you’re involved in a challenge, you’re more likely to meet or exceed your goals than you are to fail because you don’t want to finish last. If you’re up for a good challenge, you’ll love the latest feature from the HidrateSpark app. 

Introducing Hydration Challenges 

The brand new hydration Challenge feature allows HidrateSpark app users to motivate each other to reach their goals. You’ll have two challenge types to choose from to keep you even more motivated in your hydration and overall health goals. 

Team Challenges

You can compete in month-long challenges with a new theme each month and you can join shorter challenges for an extra boost of motivation. Join in on challenges such as “Beat the Heat in July,” and “Spring Sprint” to close out the last two weeks of spring. The team with the best hydration score and points wins! 

Cooperative Challenges

In addition to the team challenges, you can join a cooperative challenge where you try to save the most plastic bottles as a group. Joining the challenge will help you hydrate more and feel good about helping the environment. 

Who Doesn’t Love Trophies? 

You can earn unique trophies for participating in various challenges, maintaining perfect hydration streaks during challenges, and being on the winning team for time-based challenges. 

Drinking water just got a lot more interesting with the new HidrateSpark app Challenges feature. It’s a fun way to join a group and stay on top of your hydration goals. What are you waiting for? Your next challenge is waiting. Download the latest version of the HidrateSpark app today.

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