How to Prevent a Hangover

How to Prevent a Hangover

Have Fun without Hangover Misery

There’s always a reason for a celebration; a holiday, birthday or just because you made it through the week.

But partying the night away might have had you waking up dizzy, with your head pounding, feeling as if you've been hit by a bus. 

Prevent a Hangover While Still Having Fun

So how can you have fun and not regret it later? First: drink your water! 

Water not only helps nurse a hangover the next day, it can also help prevent a hangover.  Before raising a glass of your favorite adult beverage, be sure to drink more water. A good rule is to drink a glass of water for each glass of alcohol.

Before you turn out the lights, drink more water to help prevent a hangover. The ethanol in the booze has you dehydrated. If you wake up during the night, you’ll want your hangover relief right there, with a smart water bottle that tracks exactly how much water you need.

How to Prevent a Hangover After Your Next Celebration

As you plan your next celebration or party, remember that eating healthy foods while you’re drinking can also prevent a nasty hangover. Those meals help absorb the alcohol, giving your liver a chance to break it down.  

In addition to water, you might drink some fruit juice, Wave Electrolytes, or a “mocktail” to help replenish your electrolytes and prevent a hangover.  

So have a great time, no matter what you’re celebrating and drink all the water you need to make sure you can enjoy and remember it!  

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