Honoring Earth Day 2021 with New Colors from HidrateSpark STEEL

Honoring Earth Day 2021 with New Colors from HidrateSpark STEEL

A new season means fresh colors from HidrateSpark STEEL and just in time for Earth Day. You can now get the world's smartest water bottle in Amethyst, Ocean, and Coral. 

Amethyst: Calming and Smooth

Amethyst is known for its purifying, calming, and healing qualities, which makes it the perfect fit for HidrateSpark STEEL. Add some Zen to your hydration game with the tranquility of this water bottle's calming purple hue. The HidrateSpark STEEL Amethyst smart water bottle is your perfect partner in achieving ultimate health benefits and calm through proper daily hydration.

Ocean: Protect our Oceans from Plastic Waste

HidrateSpark STEEL Ocean reminds us of how important it is to protect the world’s oceans. Along with improving and promoting proper hydration, one of HidrateSpark’s core missions is to reduce the amount of plastic waste and keep plastic out of the world’s oceans. HidrateSpark has saved the planet from the waste of nearly 73 million plastic water bottles. So, it is fitting that in honor of Earth Day, HidrateSpark is proud to announce the launch of the new HidrateSpark STEEL in Ocean. Help protect our oceans while improving your hydration and overall health. 

Coral: Honoring Earth's Great Coral Reefs 

The new HidrateSpark STEEL inCoral honors Earth Day 2021 and explicitly recognizes the impact pollution has had on earth's incredible coral reef ecosystems and their natural beauty. The rich earth tone symbolizes the hues found across the vast coral colonies in oceans around the world. Start your own Earth Day collection with HidrateSpark STEEL smart water bottle in Coral. 

Hydrate and Stop Pollution 

Celebrate Earth Day 2021 on Thursday, April 22, by purchasing your HidrateSpark STEEL smart water bottle in these new colors. Help reduce plastic waste while improving your hydration. These new HidrateSpark STEEL colors come in 21 oz and 17 oz bottles with your choice of chug or straw lid. Pair your new smart water bottle with the free HidrateSpark app and track your hydration throughout your day. Join HidrateSpark’s sustainability mission and purchase your HidrateSpark STEEL smart water bottle in these exciting new colors today.

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