HidrateSpark: Drink More Water In 2023!

HidrateSpark: Drink More Water In 2023!

The New Year is here and with it brings a sense of inspiration for building new habits and goals. Proper hydration has been proven to reduce your risk of chronic disease, slow down aging, and so much more. Whether your resolutions are focused on your health, family, career or fun, HidrateSpark is here to help you reach them. Our patented smart technology will not only get you to drink more water, but also hold you accountable…ultimately resulting in a healthier self this year. Join the movement in 2023 with HidrateSpark and start hydrating the smart way. 

Proper hydration aids weight loss. 

Many of us are starting off this New Year with a weight loss goal in mind. Make hydration the foundation of your weight loss this year. Healthy weight loss starts in the kitchen, and drinking water before meals helps with digestion and speeds up your metabolism. Sometimes we mistake thirst cues for hunger cues, so implementing the practice of drinking before meals can also help you eat less. As a bonus, drinking water with your meal also aids in digestion! As you strive toward your weight loss goals, don’t forget to focus on your water consumption. 

Drinking enough water (or not enough) affects your mood.

Maybe your resolution is to be more productive, maintain a more positive attitude, or do more of what makes you happy. Hydration is even connected to your moods! Dehydration has been linked to mood swings and irritability, so it’s important for you to stay hydrated in order to reach your goal. Dehydration can even decrease your productivity and work performance between 25-50%, and every little bit counts when trying to establish new habits. Maintaining proper hydration can even reduce stress - drinking plenty of water will flush out any toxins in your system, relaxing your blood vessels, which will help relieve stress. Even if you think your resolution is far from being focused on hydration, it’s more important than you think!

Healthy habits are contagious. 

Using our smart bottle and app duo each day is an easy, healthy habit to strengthen each day. Our PRO Collection has clinically proven technology that will improve consistency in hydration. Our bottle and app work together to send you visual glow reminders and push notifications, and our app rewards consistent behavior or what we call “streaks” with fun, motivational trophies. It’s encouraging to have positive behavior rewarded, and hitting your water goal can give you that extra nudge to hit your exercise or productivity goals for the day.

It’s not too late to start the new year off strong and reach your goals by purchasing a HidrateSpark smart water bottle. Each purchase includes app integrations, access to our encouraging community, great customer support, and proven technology to help you form better hydration habits. Don’t make any more excuses, let HidrateSpark help you drink more water in 2023! 

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