5 Tips to Stay Hydrated this Winter

5 Tips to Stay Hydrated this Winter

You might think of dehydration as something that can only happen in the heat of summer, but dehydration can occur any time of the year, even in winter. In fact, it’s harder to tell you’re dehydrated in the winter than it is in the summer. So, as you move through the winter months, here are a few tips to stay hydrated. 

1.) Carry a Water Bottle 

Whether you’re at work, shopping, on a walk, or anywhere else, have a water bottle by your side. With a water bottle close, you’ll be more likely to drink throughout your day. 

2.) Drink Water Before Coffee 

Jumpstart your day with a glass of water. It will wake up your body and get your day off to a good start. 

3.) Are you Hungry or Dehydrated? 

Our bodies can play tricks on us from time-to-time, confusing thirst for hunger. Your hunger could be a sign of dehydration. So, drink some water before you reach for your next snack. 

4.) Flavor Your Water 

If you’re bored of plain water, try adding a little natural fruit like lemon slices or strawberries. You can also add sugar free supplements or electrolytes to your water. A little flavor may help you drink a bit more to avoid getting dehydrated. 

5.) Set Reminders on Your Phone 

We all get busy with our days and need reminders, so just like you put reminders for other tasks in your life, set a reminder to take a water break throughout your day. 

Just because you’re not sweating from the heat doesn’t mean that you can take a break from your hydration schedule. You can use these tips to stay hydrated throughout the year. If you need help remembering to drink enough water, HidrateSpark smart water bottles are here to help! The world’s smartest water bottle, when paired with the free HidrateSpark app, will give you a glowing reminder when it’s time to take a sip, and will track your hydration every day.

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