HidrateSpark TAP Tritan Plastic Smart Water Bottle Body | 32 oz / 942 ml

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TAP Tritan Plastic bottle body is shatter and odor resistant, holds 32 oz / 942 ml. Compatible with 32 oz / 942 ml TAP Tritan Plastic Chug and Straw Lids. 

Color: Black

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Durable and very beautiful!


Bottles are nice. I ordered two and only 1 battery came with it. I contacted customer service and they said they would send me another one. But that was a month ago and it still hasn’t arrived. So I order them off Amazon.

Reed, J.
Okay if you have easy access to refill whenever empty

I have one of these bottles as well as a couple of the Spark Pros. While this was a nice bottle in and of itself, and still better than a plain water bottle, I 100% think the extra money for the spark Pro is worth spending if you want a water-tracking bottle. I was not a fan of only being able to log full bottles worth of water. I don't get a lot of chances to refill, so I often refill whenever I can, regardless of how much is left in my bottle. That makes this much less useful. It's still handy to remind me to drink water, so now I mostly just use this one on my desk at home. I would say the Spark Tap works well for home or work where you have easy, consistent access to fountains to refill. If you're more on the go, and need to fill up whenever you can, get the spark Pro.