Get Involved: March 22, 2021 is World Water Day!

Get Involved: March 22, 2021 is World Water Day!

Water is our most precious resource, so you might argue that every day should be World Water Day.  On March 22nd, we observe one special day to learn more about our world’s water. The theme for this year is valuing water.


What Does Water Mean to You?

2021 World Water Day is a virtual event and conversation about the value of water. Join the event to talk about how water is valued in your home, family, livelihood, health practices, and environment. 

The event will dig into the topic of how the world’s water resources are being depleted because of overpopulation, increased water demands from agriculture and industry, as well as the drastic effects of climate change.

The conversation will help experts understand how you value water and will shape how water is managed and shared throughout the world.

Join the conversation. You can make a difference in protecting water simply by sharing, “how you value water.”


Help Conserve Our Oceans with the World's Smartest Water Bottle

At HidrateSpark, we know that water is used to maintain your health and hygiene. Obviously, the more you drink water the healthier you’ll be. Although it is not always easy to remember to drink water, we have created the HidrateSpark smart water bottle to help you stay hydrated. 

The “world’s smartest water bottle” has an internal sensor that pairs with the free HidrateSpark app to guarantee that you get the water you need. It sends glowing reminders and text notifications to keep you on track. Apart from making a statement with your elegant, colorful, and sophisticated bottle, you’ll also be part of a great plan to conserve and value our water resources and our oceans. Let’s make World Water Day a call to action, rather than a day on the calendar. No matter where we call home, we can make a positive and lasting impact on our world’s water.

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